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Important Note***
Thriveworks counselors are not physically located in Indianapolis, IN at this time. 

However, we have counselors located at numerous “brick and mortar” clinics including Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; and Philadelphia, PA. 

The counselors and life coaches at these offices are experienced at providing online and telephone counseling and coaching services .

If you are interested in Online or Telephone services, simply click here to learn more:  Online Counseling.

Thrive Indianapolis Counseling has a unique guiding philosophy that makes us different from other counseling practices in Indianapolis.

Our practice of counseling isn’t just about superficial healing; we help our clients experience a more complete and holistic healing by assisting them reach for more meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

This core philosophy guides everything we do:
  • Clients with Depression experience true happiness, not just temporary relief from pain.
  • Clients with Anxiety learn to cultivate peace of mind, not just calmed down.
  • Clients with Relationship problems make and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Clients with Guilt and shame learn to truly absolve themselves and others as well.
  • Clients with Addiction and dependency problems are made whole, not just freed from the habit.

Thrive Indianapolis Psychotherapy

You don’t have to be in pain or suffering to need counseling therapy.

Many of our most successful clients are ordinary persons who are highly-functioning and well-adapted individuals. We just want you to know that with counseling, ANYONE and EVERYONE have the potential to grow; to become the best person that they can be – to Thrive.

Exhilaration and the hardships of life are part of being human. What we offer is expert Counseling Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Professional Consulting for many life-issues including:

Addiction Counseling
Adultery and Infidelity
Anger Counseling
Anxiety Counseling
Burnout Counseling
Bitterness Recovery
Career Planning
Confidence Building
Couples Communication
Death Issues
Death and Aging Issues
Depression Counseling
Discouragement Coaching

Divorce Counseling
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorder Counseling
Envy and Jealousy Counseling
Fears and Phobias
Grief and Loss Recovery
Guilt and Shame
Isolation and loneliness
Marital Communication
Money Crisis Counseling
Perfectionism Counseling
Physical Illness

Pre-marital Counseling
Relationship Problems
Religious and Faith Issues
Self-esteem Counseling
Sexual Abuse Counseling
Sexual Issues
Social Anxiety
Spirituality Issues
Stress Reduction
Substance Abuse
Trauma Counseling
Weight Management
Workaholism Counseling

More Counseling Topics...

No Waiting lists, Express Appointments, and Extended Hours

Other poorly managed counseling practices in Indianapolis do not know how to manage precious time, resulting in waiting lists that could reach up to weeks or even months at a time.

Having to wait for such long periods of time for your first session is no way to begin a life-changing counseling or life coaching process. You deserve a first session that fits into your time and schedule, and you don’t have to wait in line.

We at Thrive Indianapolis Counseling have a no waiting list policy. We aim for professional standards, and we know that having a waiting list is not a good sign of a professional counselor.

We can schedule your first appointment for this very week. We make sure to put you, our client in need, in top priority. We offer extended office hours from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday appointments.

This standard of management is unprecedented for a counseling practice in Indianapolis, and we are proud of our professional standards: all to provide you with the best counseling that you deserve.

Contact a Thrive Indianapolis Counselor

We want you to find the help, care, motivation, or information you are looking for. And for us to do just that, call us at 617-395-5806, and our Indianapolis Counselors or Indianapolis Life Coaches will be more than happy to help you sort out your problems. If we are seeing clients, or unavailable when you call, please leave us your information and we will call you back on the very same day you called.

If it is at your convenience, you can also email us at Please leave your phone number and we will call you back within 24 hours. We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Indianapolis Counseling Team